The Building Boom is back in Downtown Northville & Plymouth Michigan.

Over the last 14 months, with the housing market on the recovery, there seems to be a growing desire for family’s to live within walking distance of downtown areas. Two of the most desired areas in Wayne County continue to be Downtown Northville and Plymouth. Lack of inventory for sizable homes suitable for family’s of four or more seems to be a topic always up for debate. Existing “townies” feel that smaller homes with character are being bought up and torn town around them only to see larger homes labeled as “big foots” go up.

As a resident and realtor of Downtown Northville, I choose remodel and add-on to my 1900’s built farm home to make it suitable for my wife and two children to live. The choice to renovate and improve an existing home has worked out well for me. But in many cases, homes are in such a state of disrepair where it only makes sense to tear them down and rebuild from scratch. Sometimes this practice may rub some residents the wrong way, but when its all said and done, 99% of the homes that have been torn down would not add any sort of “old world charm” or “character” to the small towns of Northville and Plymouth if they were left to as-is.

This leads me to the point of my article and a question I am asked frequently. How to I obtain or build a home in Northville or Plymouth when there are little to no homes that suit my family’s needs and literally no lots available to build on.  The answer to this is not always straight forward but generally I obtain homes and or lots for my clients that do not ever hit the market for sale.  This  works out well for both buyers and sellers. I have many contacts in Downtown Northville and Plymouth and frequently get calls from sellers who want me to market their home/lot for sale without placing it on the mls or advertising it. I also work closely with the top builders of Northville and Plymouth to find them homes/lots to remodel/build on.

If you are a home buyer looking to buy either an existing home or build a new one in Downtown Northville or Plymouth, contact me anytime. There are more opportunities available then you may think.  I can help guide you to them. And if you are thinking of selling a property in Downtown Northville or Plymouth, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have ready, willing and able buyers who would like to purchase your home.